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Infinix GT 10 Pro

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Infinix GT 10 Pro
Infinix GT 10 Pro
Grafik kartı
ARM Mali-G77 MP9
8 GB 
6.67 inç 20:9, 2400 x 1080 pixel 395 PPI, Capacitive, AMOLED, parlak: evet, 120 Hz
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Ses çıkışları: 3.5mm, Kart okuyucular: microSD, 1 Parmak izi okuyucu, NFC, Alıcılar: accelerometer, proximity, compass, gyro
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/), Bluetooth 5, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, Dual SIM, GPS
yükseklik x genişlik x derinlik (mm): 8.1 x 162.7 x 75.9
5000 mAh Lithium-Polymer
İşletim sistemi
Android 13
Primary Camera: 108 MPix + 2MP + 2MP
Secondary Camera: 32 MPix f/2.5
Ek özellikler
Klavye: OnScreen
187 g



Ortalama Puan: 79.6% - iyi
Ortalama 10 puan 15 (incelemeden)
fiyat: 95%, performans: 245%, özellikler: - %, görüntü: 88% mobilite: 81%, işcilik: 88%, ergonomi: 100%, emilim: - %

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Infinix GT 10 Pro 5G Review
Kaynak: Yugatech İngilizce EN→TR
What is there not to like about the Infinix GT 10 Pro? Nothing really, to be completely honest. We would only be nitpicking if we’d say the back lighting is a bit gimmicky and there are a few kinks that needed to be ironed out. As a gaming smartphone, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is hitting the right notes. A fairly new yet powerful processor, good display, and battery performance. Extra points for expandable storage (if you install a lot of games) on top of the dual Nano SIM card support, the update for dual-WiFi connectivity and the cool backlighting effects. Infinix has not indicated any release date of the Infinix GT 10 Pro in the Philippines so we also don’t have a local suggested retail price but if we’re going with the $250 global price tag, this could very well end up in the 15k to 17k in the Philippines.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 09/05/2023
82% Infinix GT 10 Pro Review: Truly Made for Gamers
Kaynak: Android Guys İngilizce EN→TR
Overall, Infinix did an excellent job with the GT 10 Pro. The appealing hardware, flashy out-of-the-world design, decent cameras, long battery life with fast charging tech, and affordable price point made it a marvelous gaming smartphone in this segment. If you want a phone with the best hardware package and software updates don’t matters to you then Infinix GT 10 Pro is an excellent option you can look up to. But if you want a phone with the best camera package and overall other decent features, you should consider one of these options available in the market- the Nothing Phone 1, OnePlus Nord 2T, or POCO X5 Pro.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 08/30/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 82% fiyat: 90% performans: 90% mobilite: 80%
80% Infinix GT 10 Pro Review: A True All-Rounder!
Kaynak: Tech PP İngilizce EN→TR
The Infinix GT 10 Pro is a very good smartphone for the price. It offers much better specifications and features when compared to other smartphones in a similar price range. We can even confidently say that it can easily compete with smartphones way above its price. While touted as a gaming smartphone, it’s better to look at it as an all-rounder and great value-for-money device than an out-n-out gaming phone. You are getting a complete package under the price range of Rs. 20,000. Poco X5 Pro is probably the closest when it comes to the competition, with a better display and faster charging, but GT 10 Pro is far more powerful when it comes to performance. The other option is OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite, but that falls short in processing power and display quality.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 08/21/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80% fiyat: 100% performans: 880% işcilik: 80%
91% Infinix GT 10 Pro smartphone review: for gaming and beyond
Kaynak: Root Nation İngilizce EN→TR
Infinix GT 10 Pro is a modern smartphone with a cool design, good components and good level of performance, respectively. I think a lot of people will like this smartphone, and not only mobile gaming fans. For all the time that it was on my test, I did not find any significant disadvantages, so the smartphone left behind only positive impressions. It remains to wait for sales and find out its exact price, then it will be possible to make final conclusions. Meanwhile, beforehand, I simply recommend to pay attention to the novelty and, if possible, personally try it out.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 08/18/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 91% performans: 90% görüntü: 100% mobilite: 90% işcilik: 100% ergonomi: 100%
80% Infinix GT 10 Pro review: A blisteringly fast gaming smartphone with striking design
Kaynak: The Indian Express İngilizce EN→TR
The Infinix GT 10 Pro has got a lot of things right. From its unique design to delightful hardware, the phone ticks almost all the boxes. However, in my experience with the phone, I felt, despite the bloatware-free software experience, the company still needs to optimise the software for better multitasking. Overall, for the asking price, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is clearly one of the best phones under Rs 20,000.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 08/17/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80%
70% Infinix GT 10 Pro review: Looks can be deceiving
Kaynak: Android Central İngilizce EN→TR
I'll say this upfront: the GT 10 Pro has its flaws, but right now, it offers one of the best hardware packages in its segment. The design in particular is striking, and while I'm not convinced the LEDs at the back serve any real use, they are cool. The MediaTek hardware is great most of the time, but I noticed throttling during extended gaming sessions, and the phone doesn't allow 120fps gaming. Then there's the software; Infinix didn't put nearly as much effort into XOS as it did on the external design, with the UI lacking polish and coming across as a bit antiquated. Overall though, the positives far outweigh the cons, and the GT 10 Pro is a good choice if you need a gaming-focused phone on a budget — just know that it isn't perfect.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 08/11/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 70%
78% Infinix GT 10 Pro Review: The tables have turned
Kaynak: The Mobile Indian İngilizce EN→TR
With the Infinix GT 10 Pro, the tables have definitely turned in favour of the brand because the gaming handset does stand true to its claims. As long as cameras aren’t your priority, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is definitely a value for money offering.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 08/11/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 78% performans: 80% görüntü: 90% mobilite: 85% işcilik: 90%
80% Infinix GT 10 Pro review: the best VFM gaming phone in the market?
Kaynak: 91mobiles İngilizce EN→TR
Infinix GT 10 Pro pricing starts from Rs 17,999, and introducing a gaming-centric phone at this price is commendable. And due to its consistent gaming performance and that too without heating up, Infinix definitely has a strong case for its phone here. Having said that, the phone’s camera performance could surely have been better. Overall, if you want a phone that offers you good and reliable performance, comes with an eye-catchy design, and manages to come at a pocket-friendly price, Infinix GT 10 Pro could be a good choice under Rs 20,000.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 08/10/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80% performans: 85% görüntü: 75% mobilite: 70% işcilik: 80%
80% Infinix GT 10 Pro review
Kaynak: GSM Arena İngilizce EN→TR
So the Infinix GT 10 Pro is not a great smartphone, but is a very competitive midrange. It offers the best performance for its price, a solid OLED panel, faster-than-usual charging, 256GB internal storage and dependable camera performance. Now the question remains how would people feel about buying a regular mid-ranger with those over the top gaming aesthetics. But in the age where all phones look so similar the stand-out Cyber-Mecha design is more of a pro than a con.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 08/08/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80%
Infinix GT 10 Pro 5G Hands-On Review
Kaynak: Yugatech İngilizce
Hands-On, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 08/03/2023
70% Infinix GT 10 Pro review: Best gaming phone under Rs 20,000?
Kaynak: India Today İngilizce EN→TR
The Infinix GT 10 Pro impresses with its fast performance, long-lasting battery, and gaming capabilities. The design, inspired by the Nothing Phone, looks modern and appeals to young buyers. The display is vibrant, and the phone runs smoothly with minimal bloatware. However, the camera performance is a letdown, as the 108-megapixel setup fails to deliver sharp and detailed pictures in both daylight and low-light conditions. Despite all the improvements that the phone requires, it offers good value for its price in my opinion, especially for gamers seeking a reliable and efficient device.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 08/03/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 70%
Infinix GT 10 Pro Unboxing - Gaming Smartphone for under $250
Kaynak: SuperSaf İngilizce
Hands-On, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 08/02/2023
Infinix GT 10 Pro - recenzja, test, opinia i dane techniczne
Kaynak: Unite4buy Polca PL→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 08/05/2023
Обзор смартфона Infinix GT 10 Pro: поиграй со мной
Kaynak: RU→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 09/07/2023
85% إستعراض لهاتف Infinix GT 10 Pro! أفضل جوال مقابل القيمة؟
Kaynak: Unlimited Tech →TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 09/09/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 85%


ARM Mali-G77 MP9:

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