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Nokia G22

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Nokia G22
Nokia G22 (G Seri)
UNISOC T606 8 x 1.6 GHz, Cortex-A75 / A55
Grafik kartı
ARM Mali-G57 MP1
4 GB 
6.52 inç 20:9, 1600 x 720 pixel 269 PPI, capacitive touchscreen, IPS, parlak: evet, 90 Hz
64 GB UFS 2.2 Flash, 64 GB 
, 50 GB Boş
1 USB 2.0, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Ses çıkışları: 3.5mm audio port, Kart okuyucular: microSD (shared, up to 2TB) , 1 Parmak izi okuyucu, NFC, Brightness Sensor, Alıcılar: acceleration sensor, proximity sensor
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 5.0, 2G (850/​900/​1800/​1900), 3G (B1/​B5/​B8), 4G (B1/​B3/​B5/​B7/​B8/​B20/​B28/​B38/​B40/​B41), Dual SIM, LTE, GPS
yükseklik x genişlik x derinlik (mm): 8.5 x 165 x 76.2
5050 mAh Lithium-Ion, 20 Watt charging
fast charging / Quickcharge
İşletim sistemi
Android 12
Primary Camera: 50 MPix f/​1.8, phase comparison-AF, LED-flash, Videos @1080p/​30fps (Camera 1); 2.0MP, macro lens (Camera 2); 2.0MP, depth of field (Camera 3)
Secondary Camera: 8 MPix f/​2.0, Videos @1080p/​30fps
Ek özellikler
Hoparlörler: mono speaker, USB cable, SIM tool, 24 Ay Garanti, SAR: 0.512W/​kg Head, 1.583W/​kg Body, IP52-certified, fanless
195 g
200 Euro



Ortalama Puan: 81.23% - iyi
Ortalama 3 puan 16 (incelemeden)
fiyat: 90%, performans: 60%, özellikler: 47%, görüntü: 85% mobilite: 90%, işcilik: 82%, ergonomi: 79%, emilim: 94%

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78.7% Nokia G22 smartphone review - The mid-range phone can be repaired by yourself | Notebookcheck
The manufacturer wants to become even more sustainable with the Nokia G22: сomponents made of recycled plastic and good repairability should help. You can find out how the mid-range phone performs in everyday use and which suggestions for improvement we have in the test.
Nokia G22 Smartphone Review
Kaynak: OI Spice Tech News İngilizce EN→TR
There’s no denying that the company offers a low-end chipset with the Nokia G22. It might not be that great with the gaming and multitasking support. But still, it’s a pretty good rounded device if you consider the $200 price point. We understand that the company needs to cut corners and make the deal more appealing to the users. But it’s a tough choice if it won’t able to perform the heavy-duty tasks. If you are looking for a phone just calling and normal social media usage, then this device will be a decent choice. Still, it’s a value-for-money deal at the current price point, and if you are getting a discounted deal, it would be even great. However, we would also recommend checking Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 SE as a cost-efficient option.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 03/31/2023
80% Nokia G22 review: a budget Android phone you can repair yourself
Kaynak: The Guardian İngilizce EN→TR
The Nokia G22 is a low-end Android smartphone that sets itself apart from the crowd in two ways. It has a very long three-day battery life and an easier-to-repair design that makes DIY fixes a realistic proposition. You won’t need specialised heating and prying tools as the back unclips without glue and components can be unscrewed. You will need some more general tools and a screen fix is still a fairly laborious affair, but it can be done with enough patience after iFixit’s thorough guides. A battery swap is a lot easier, and you can get these components to do fixes at home, which is the first hurdle in any repair. Hopefully this is the start of a positive trend. Otherwise the G22 is a fairly cheap phone. It is pretty slow, the camera is nothing to write home about, it runs Android 12 not the latest 13, and the 90Hz screen is OK but a long way from great. It is good to see a microSD card slot for adding more memory and a headphone socket. But one of the big downsides is a short support life of just three years. No matter how many times you can repair the phone, once it is no longer getting security updates it should not be used.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 03/13/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80%
Nokia G22 Specifications, Pros and Cons
Kaynak: OI Spice Tech News İngilizce EN→TR
The Nokia G22 smartphone was announced in February 2023 and the expected price of this phone is $191 (Rs 15,690 in India) approx. It brings a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display panel with a 90Hz refresh rate and 500 nits brightness rating. The display has also protected by corning gorilla glass 3 protection and Splash and dust resistance. Besides this, it includes an 8MP selfie camera and for the backside, the phone provides a triple-camera setup including a 50MP primary camera, a 2MP macro, and a 2MP depth lens. With this setup, you can record videos at 1080p resolution. The Nokia G22 smartphone is available in 4GB RAM with 64GB/128GB internal storage variants, while a shared card slot is also present. The phone equips a Li-Po 5050 mAh battery with 20W fast charging support. It is available in Lagoon Blue, and Meteor Gray color options. The smartphone is powered by a 12nm Unisoc T606 chipset and goes up to a 2×1.6GHz clocking speed. The Nokia G22 runs on the Android 12 OS with clean UI support.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 03/10/2023
Can the Nokia G22 really be repaired in five minutes? We tested to find out
Kaynak: Android Authority İngilizce EN→TR
The Nokia G22 starts at £149.99/€179 (~$189) and will be available from March in Meteor Grey or Lagoon Blue color options. When it comes time to make a repair, iFixit will be selling a Fit Kit for just £5, as well as batteries for £22.99, displays for £44.99, and charging ports for £18.99. The last person I know to have their phone screen replaced paid £120 to take it into a shop for a same-day repair, so it’s clear you’ll be able to save a decent amount by doing this yourself. Unfortunately, the Nokia G22 won’t be available in the US, though iFixit does sell its fix kits in North America if you’re tempted to go the DIY route. The company also partners with Samsung for a Self-Repair service for selected Galaxy products.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 02/25/2023
Nokia G22 hands-on review: The smartphone with a smart approach to repairabilty
Kaynak: Expert Reviews İngilizce EN→TR
From what I can tell this early on, the Nokia G22 is certainly a step in the right direction. My two reservations aside, it’s refreshing to write about a smartphone that puts the right to repair front and centre, potentially prolonging its lifespan beyond the typical two-year upgrade cycle. Moving forward, however, I would like to see Nokia incorporate this same consumer-friendly approach in its more premium handsets. The G22’s weak chipset is cause for concern, and while I appreciate Nokia’s commitment to keep costs as low as possible, it would be interesting to find out whether consumers at the higher end of the pricing scale might want these same repairability features in future releases.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Kısa, Tarih: 02/25/2023
First Impressions: Nokia G22 Review
Kaynak: Trusted Reviews İngilizce EN→TR
Nokia should be applauded for its approach to repairability with cheap replacement parts, easily removed components and a partnership with iFixIt for guides, and it’s something that I’d love to see on more smartphones. That’s paired with a three-year warranty and two OS upgrades, helping users keep the phone for even longer – not bad for a sub-£150 smartphone. Elsewhere, the 50MP camera is a nice touch, and the three-day battery life sounds promising, but I’ll reserve my final thoughts for the full review.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 02/25/2023
The Phone You Fix Yourself! | Nokia G22 Review
Kaynak: Tech Spurt İngilizce
Reviewing the Nokia G22, a budget Android smartphone built to last - with the ability to fix its screen, battery and other bits with simple tools and a guide. This full Nokia G22 tour runs through the specs and features, tests the camera tech - and Chris even shows how to replace the battery, without maiming himself. Here in the UK, this phone will cost £149 and release on March 8. You can order replacement parts from IFixit, such as a screen (£45) or battery (£23). The Nokia G22 serves up some decent specs for that budget price, including a 50MP camera that's fine in good light, although does struggle otherwise. You have a 6.5-inch HD IPS screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3, plus IP52 splash resistance. However, although you get excellent battery life, the Nokia G22 does have limited performance thanks to the basic Unisoc chipset. It's also old Android 12, with a couple of OS upgrades - here's hoping Android 13 arrives soon. So are you tempted by the Nokia G22? The QuickFix design, extended three year warranty and low price are certainly enticing if you want something to hold onto for a while. As long as the performance doesn't suffer more over time, that is.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 02/25/2023
Nokia G22 initial review: Nokia's new entry-level repairable phone
Kaynak: Pocket Lint İngilizce EN→TR
The Nokia G22's appeal mostly comes from the idea of easy repairability - and having witnessed this phone being cracked open for a battery change, it looks like that's going to be something that's easy to do. It's perhaps strange then that the software side doesn't match this idea of having your device last as long as possible. As an affordable smartphone, the hardware is fitting to the price, although with discounts and sales you might find some deals on devices drifting towards this price. We've not had a chance to fully test the performance, but first impressions suggest that it's going to be a typical Android experience at this price point.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 02/25/2023
85% Nachhaltigkeit trifft auf Niedrigpreis
Kaynak: Basic Tutorials Almanca DE→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 04/18/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 85% fiyat: 90% performans: 80% mobilite: 90% işcilik: 80%
Nokia G22 umweltfreundlich mit QuickFix Reparaturfunktion
Kaynak: Android User Almanca DE→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 04/14/2023
Nokia G22 có gì đặc biệt để cạnh tranh với các đối thủ cùng phân khúc?
Kaynak: Viettelstore VN→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Kısa, Tarih: 04/23/2023
Đánh giá hiệu năng Nokia G22: Chip Unisoc T606 chiến game tốt, pin được tối ưu ngon
Kaynak: The Gioididong VN→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 04/12/2023
Trên tay Nokia G22 tại Việt Nam: Thiết kế đẹp mắt, cấu hình đủ dùng với Unisoc T606, pin khỏe
Kaynak: The Gioididong VN→TR
Hands-On, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 04/07/2023
Trên tay Nokia G22: Thiết kế mặt lưng – khung viền 2 màu độc đáo, màn hình lớn, hiệu năng tốt, giá 3.99 triệu
Kaynak: Cell Phones VN→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 03/28/2023
Nokia G22 có gì đặc biệt để “lọt vào tầm ngắm” của người dùng?
Kaynak: Viettelstore VN→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 03/27/2023
Nokia G22 có gì mới?
Kaynak: Viettelstore VN→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 03/09/2023


ARM Mali-G57 MP1:

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