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OnePlus Pad Go

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OnePlus Pad Go
OnePlus Pad Go (Pad Seri)
Mediatek Helio G99 8 x 2 - 2.2 GHz, Cortex-A76 / A55
Grafik kartı
ARM Mali-G57 MP2
8 GB 
11.35 inç 14:10, 2408 x 1720 pixel 261 PPI, Capacitive, IPS, parlak: evet, 90 Hz
128GB / 256GB
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Kart okuyucular: microSD, Alıcılar: accelerometer, gyro, compass
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 5.2, GSM, UMTS, LTE, GPS
yükseklik x genişlik x derinlik (mm): 6.9 x 255.1 x 188
8000 mAh Lithium-Polymer
İşletim sistemi
Android 13
Primary Camera: 8 MPix
Secondary Camera: 8 MPix
Ek özellikler
Klavye: OnScreen
532 g



Ortalama Puan: 78.6% - iyi
Ortalama 5 puan 11 (incelemeden)
fiyat: 80%, performans: 80%, özellikler: - %, görüntü: 80% mobilite: - %, işcilik: 80%, ergonomi: - %, emilim: - %

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75% OnePlus Pad Go Review: A stylish tablet for content consumption on the go
Kaynak: Tech2 İngilizce EN→TR
The OnePlus Pad Go can be purchased starting at Rs 19,999 for the WiFi-only variant with 128 GB storage. The LTE variants with 128 GB and 256 GB storage sell for Rs 21,999 and Rs 23,999 respectively. Barring a modest processor and mediocre camera, it packs some impressive features like a large high-res 90 Hz display, Dolby Atmos-certified speakers, good battery backup and premium design that justify the price tag. Lack of accessories is a downer though. As for competition, I cannot think of anything better with LTE around 20K. If mobile connectivity is not a requirement, the Xiaomi Pad 6 is a great option for a few thousand bucks more if you are looking for a more powerful tablet that can also handle some serious gaming. Other than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC, it flaunts some of the OnePlus Pad features like a higher resolution Dolby Vision compliant display with 144 Hz refresh rate for well under 30K. You also get some handy accessories for it making it a well-rounded option.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 01/23/2024
Puanlama: Total Puan: 75%
80% OnePlus Pad Go review: Premium feels at an affordable price
Kaynak: India Today İngilizce EN→TR
So, should you go ahead and buy the OnePlus Pad Go? In short, yes. With its price starting at Rs 19,999, the tab gives stiff competition to the likes of Redmi Pad and Lenovo Tab P11 Plus Pad. With a great display, decent camera, and satisfactory performance, the OnePlus Pad Go is for people who are always on the move and love to carry their source of entertainment around.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 11/10/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80%
OnePlus Pad Go hands-on review
Kaynak: GSM Arena İngilizce EN→TR
The OnePlus Pad Go is a pretty solid offering from the company and a good entrant in the mid-range tablet market. The design, display, speakers, and battery life are good and the OS offers some really useful multitasking capabilities. The addition of data connectivity also makes this significantly more convenient to carry around than its more expensive sibling. The downsides are mostly the lack of any real GPU horsepower and the limited 8GB memory. But for the intended use cases, which are reading, watching, browsing, and a bit of productivity work, the OnePlus Pad Go is a perfectly capable device.
Hands-On, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 11/09/2023
OnePlus Pad Go review: Affordable tablet good for entertainment, learning
Kaynak: Business Standard İngilizce EN→TR
The OnePlus Pad Go excels in terms of its display and audio capabilities within its budget segment. It is a suitable choice for those seeking a secondary display or a portable entertainment device on a budget. OnePlus offers multiple variants with varying storage and connectivity options, allowing consumers to select the most suitable option for their needs.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 11/07/2023
80% OnePlus Pad Go review: A go-to entertainment tablet at an affordable price
Kaynak: The Indian Express İngilizce EN→TR
The OnePlus Pad Go is clearly one of the best tablets to consider around the Rs 20,000 price mark. Unlike its contemporaries, OnePlus offers a far superior build quality, a great screen, and an enhanced tablet experience at a highly affordable price. If you are looking for a tablet computer, primarily for content consumption, the OnePlus Pad Go is an easy pick.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 11/07/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80%
78% OnePlus Pad Go Review: An Affordable Tablet for Content Consumption
Kaynak: Tech PP İngilizce EN→TR
If you’re looking for an Android tablet for content consumption but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can’t go wrong with the OnePlus Pad Go. It’s a solid performer in that department; the beautiful display and excellent quad-speaker setup give you a good entertainment experience without any compromises. Heavy gaming or office work, of course, isn’t Pad Go’s strong suit. But truth be told, it isn’t meant for that. You’re better off picking OnePlus’ other offering—the OnePlus Pad (review)—for this purpose, which starts at Rs 36,999 and comes with support for a folio keyboard and pen that makes it a better fit for some office/school work. If your budget is under Rs 20,000, and you want a tablet with a higher refresh rate screen, the Realme Pad 2, for a starting price of Rs 17,999, is a good option. For someone looking for a well-rounded tablet—and willing to spend some up to Rs 25,000—Xiaomi’s Pad 6 (review) is the best option.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Uzun, Tarih: 11/02/2023
Puanlama: Total Puan: 78% fiyat: 80% performans: 80% görüntü: 80% işcilik: 80%
OnePlus Pad Go review: Buy it for its sound quality
Kaynak: Techlusive İngilizce EN→TR
The OnePlus Pad Go is a good tablet for entertainment and multimedia purposes. It offers a vivid screen, great sound and decent cameras in daylight. It also has a fast processor and a long-lasting battery with a 33W charger. However, it has some drawbacks, such as poor front camera performance in low light and no support for keyboard and stylus. For Rs 23,999, this tablet is a large-screen smartphone with limited productivity features. But it is worth buying if you only want a tablet for fun and leisure.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 10/30/2023
OnePlus Pad Go Review
Kaynak: Mobygyaan İngilizce EN→TR
OnePlus also introduced another tablet in the midrange category for those who want a larger screen on a budget, the OnePlus Pad Go is priced at ₹19,999 and offers a host of features including its ultra-slim 6.8mm slim and metallic design, a large 11.3-inch 90 Hz display, a decent performance (Helio G99), quad speakers with Dolby Atmos support and Omnibearing Sound, 4G LTE option, and 8,000 mAh battery with 33W fast charging. Overall, the OnePlus Pad Go is a good choice for users who want a tablet for multimedia experience on a larger screen i.e. 11-inch, the price starts at ₹19,999 for its 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage Wi-Fi variant.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Çok Uzun, Tarih: 10/23/2023
80% OnePlus Pad Go review: Bold on a budget
Kaynak: Android Police İngilizce EN→TR version
For nearly half the price of the original OnePlus Pad, the Pad Go gets you a lot of its sibling's best features, from its display and build quality to several software tricks and marathon battery performance. It's an entertainment tablet at its heart and even delivers on that front. If you unwind at the end of the day by watching some YouTube videos, catching up with your favorite Netflix series, or just reading a book on Kindle before hitting the bed, the OnePlus Pad Go is going to be your perfect companion. While it cannot replace your work laptop, considering it doesn't support OnePlus' stylus and keyboard accessories, it is well suited to be that plus-one (geddit?) device that sits right between your phone and laptop. And the kind of package OnePlus has put together for the asking price, with a beautiful display and quad speakers, the Pad Go stands out in a sea of budget tablets.
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 03/12/2011
Puanlama: Total Puan: 80%
OnePlus Pad Go - recenzja, test, opinia i dane techniczne
Kaynak: Unite4buy Polca PL→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Orta, Tarih: 09/12/2023
Cận cảnh OnePlus Pad Go: Mặt trước như iPad Pro nhưng mặt lưng thì lạ lắm, Helio G99, giá 5.8 triệu
Kaynak: Cell Phones VN→TR
Tek İnceleme, online bulunabilirlik, Kısa, Tarih: 11/23/2023


ARM Mali-G57 MP2:

Sadece eski oyunlar bu grafik kartları ile akıcı bir şekilde (eğer yüksek bir sistem gereksinimi duymuyorlarsa) oynanabilir. Bu kategorideki paylaşımlı grafik çekirdekleri az ısınma ve daha uzun batarya ömrü gibi avantajlara sahip. Ofis, internet, şekil düzenleme ve video editleme gibi işlemler herhangi bir kısıtlama olmadan bu grafik kartları ile yapılabilir.

>> Daha fazla bilgi Mobil grafik kartları karşılaştırmamızda bulunabilir. ilgili Benchmark Listesi.

Helio G99: ARM tabanlı sekiz çekirdekli SoC, 2x büyük ARM Cortex-A76 çekirdeği ve 6x küçük ve güç tasarruflu ARM Cortex-A55 çekirdeği ile. Tümü 2,2 GHz'e kadar saat hızındadır. Bir Cat-13 LTE Modem (4G) ve bir ARM Mali-G57 MP2 grafik kartı entegre eder. Eski Helio G96 ile karşılaştırıldığında, G99 daha yeni 6nm sürecinde üretilmiştir ve daha yüksek saat hızına sahiptir.
>> Daha fazla bilgi Mobil işlemciler karşılaştırmamızda bulunabilir..


Bu ekran boyutu tabletler için büyük sayılırken, subnotebooklar için küçük kalıyor. Bazı dönüştürülebilir modeller de bu boyutla sunulabiliyor.

Büyük ekran boyutları yüksek çözünürlükleri mümkün kılıyor. Bu sayede yazım boyutu da büyüyebiliyor. Öte yandan küçük boyutlarda güç tüketimi azalmakla beraber; cihaz boyutu ve ağırlığın yanı sıra fiyat da ucuzluyor.

>> Görüntünün ne kadar iyi olduğunu görmek için DPI Listemize bakın.

>> Daha fazla bilgi Notebook alma rehberimizde bulunabilir.


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